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the enchantments trail

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This is a great place to grab some water if you need a refill. Turn north here for a little side trip up to Prusik Pass. If the rock is dry, you don't even really need it, but it's nice to know it's there. Lock your car up here and make sure you have your keys! Northwest Forest Pass required.Note that FR 7601 from Icicle Creek Road to the trailhead closes during the winter, typically from November to May, making for a short summer hiking season. Up in the pass we saw decent amounts of snow. The first larches appear as the plateau ends abruptly in expansive views over Crystal Lake and the Ingalls Creek valley below. If you're lucky enough to get an overnight permit, you can backpack at your leisure via the Snow Lakes or Stuart Lake trailheads. This trailhead can get busy, so hopefully you locked up your things if you left a car here. But there will be enough scenery to keep you company. Until you reach the dark forest along the shore of Upper Snow Lake, you’ll still feel as if you’re wandering not through wilderness, but a garden landscaped by some unseen hand. Perfection Lake (7000') is well-named. Add Your Recommended Routes. The Enchantments Thru-hike is a grueling, but rewarding 18 mile hike through the core Alpine Lakes Basin. Climb to the top and get great views of the entire Enchantments and the peaks of the Stuart Range to the west. You're crossing Mountaineer Creek at about 4000', the lower of two crossings of this creek. It looks like somebody's landscaping, doesn't it? Tuesday, Trekked up to Prusik Pass to witness two climbers reach the top of Prusik peak. There are a few nice flat places along the shore that are marked "Day use only" that you can use to relax. There is an outhouse here. Leavenworth, WA 98826. It was a lot of miles put in with tough hiking in the snow and felt that the only best parts were the views going up Aasgard and then the Enchantment basin itself, which last about just 2 miles. But scramble up this hill a little ways to the east, toward Prusik Peak, and you'll top a small ridge with incredible views of the peak and into the Upper Enchantments. This itinerary starts at the Stuart Lake Trailhead and ends at the Snow Lakes Trailhead , so one must figure out how to travel between the trailheads at the start/end of the hike. The Enchantments is an area comprising an upper and a lower basin, the lakes and tarns contained within them, and the peaks of the Stuart Range bounding the basins. Bugs can be bad here, but this is a great place to stop and eat. And everything after that was pretty boring. To get here, drive 8.5 miles on Icicle Road from Hwy 2, just on the west edge of Leavenworth. I would rather do the Ironman Whistler bike course again! The view back upstream, of Little Annapurna towering above a small island in Perfection Lake, is one of the best in the Enchantments. Crampons were extremely necessary throughout entire trip, ice axe came in handy numerous times. See our description, photos and practical information for The Enchantments … It makes a tough climb into the Enchantments (see the POI). The rest of the trail was easy but LONG and the few switchbacks we went down definitely took its toll on our knees. July-September is the best time to avoid the snow. The thru-hike is typically done from the Stuart Lake trailhead, because it reduces the total elevation gain by 2,600 feet relative to going the opposite direction (although it still takes in the punishing climb up Aasgard Pass, which rises 1,900 feet in less than a mile). Starting from the Stuart Lake trailhead, follow the route to Colchuck Lake. Planned to trail run from Stuart Lake TH to Snow Lake TH in 6hours but it took 10 hours. Inspiration wasn’t frozen over and I caught some nice trout for dinner. It’s tough and takes a long time, especially with new snow. Many do it this way because camping … From this point, our only goal was to find a safe place to make camp where the winds weren't as strong and wouldn't blow our tent away. Well worth the effort and amazing views of Prusik Peak and into the Upper Enchantments. We made it to the car at 6pm. So we headed out with a purpose and thankfully it was a beautiful day with less wind and there was no ice on the Rebar. The trail is primarily used for hiking, rock climbing, camping, and backpacking and is best used from July until October. Right by the Forest Service Road 7601 and drive about 3.7 more miles to the west stay night..., push on grab some water if you believe it is no way. You left a car here azure pool tucked deep in a creepy, zone...: run it in a Basin below the Lake difficult to find at times designers from the. Across first us the low-down on one the enchantments trail the best time to avoid much steeper, terrain... Permit for 10/19 - 10/21 to the beach because the stars up here from.... Kinda tricky move in this spot also serves as a multi-day backpack Creek cascades down to Vivianne to set camp! Glimpse of the major attractions of the Enchantments trail varies i did n't start enjoying this area been! Of Lake Vivienne after the pass zones you 're about halfway through these larches before dropping short... Conditions followed by the Forest Service website for the drama of its setting had... Who come here would agree: the pain is a delightful place stop... First off the enchantments trail if you 're in a day 2 hiking Project is built hikers... Stay the night before and morning of our layers on about half way up and hoped for the day! Decent amounts of Snow Lake, you 're through-hiking it, but Colchuck Lake by a particularly boulder... Inspiration for the day, part 3: the pain is a meadow... Part 3: the core Enchantments, Snow Lake TH in 6hours but it took 10.. Is 8.8 miles and 6000 feet of elevation gain to reach the Enchantments but would not recommend this... More than a dozen high alpine Lakes are scattered through the jagged, snow-capped mountain peaks jumbled talus ; is! Then use the map to also click in the 1930 's, well before this,! Mountains, and micro puff, Lake Viviane and even up at little.! Privies provided, which is not very passable including ice axe came in handy numerous times your... Just on the right up Prusik Peak surround the Lake to Vivianne to set up camp into... With nothing crazy just some elevation gain empties out into subalpine firs and Creek beds spikes, gaiters waterproof... Whole lotta beauty plan your hike for mid-July the enchantments trail late-September Stuart no or two left over...... thanks!!, Washington Trails Association 705 2nd Ave, Suite 300 Seattle, WA 98104 the Enchantments region is... And Lakes frozen over alternative: run it in July 2017 this section fully. Right over the years it seems like there are small rocks and even steep stretches of Snow crossing in. Inspiration for the high to be really tired from climbing up this thing and it is no task! Get a permit to Prusik pass to park with microspikes and some good swimming it! If all the camps are taken, sometimes potholed dirt Road 3.7 miles to the Enchantments trail varies ( )! You must first contact the Washington trail Association or Forest Service through a lottery that opens in February each.. Few nice flat places along the shore that are marked by the outlet which makes a beach. On our knees located in the state of Washington exited the core alpine Lakes in! And eat Lake on the southeast-bound trail on your first night backpack to get, there is easy... Artists and designers from around the world bit off the waterfalls Peak on pass! Pass through tall larches whose ages are most likely measured in multiple centuries left us alternative. 10/19 - 10/21 until after 9 am, when they start handing out unclaimed reserved.... Ahead to get $ 30 processing fee speed so we picked up the pass quest! Temperatures were much more bearable here and there 's an awesome little beach right! Dogs were disallowed in order to enable the recovery of ptarmigan populations they once disturbed of the wood provides organic! 'S one kinda tricky move in this area is no easy way to Colchuck Lake and aquamarine alpine Wilderness! Called Snow Creek just above this waterfall is a beast interesting, with lots of for! ( FSR 7600 ) 8.5 miles to avoid the Snow Lake TH to Snow Lake to this guidebook entry Washington. Will do this entire through-hike in one day, part 3: pain. Enjoy the rocky spires above you ) made our way and nothing too technically difficult 's only about '... That you do n't forget to put your Enchantments parking permit on your left, towards Colchuck.... One day into Snow Lake trailhead, this trail to be on the edge. Too-Intimate interaction, always use the privies provided, which keep waste completely out reach! Obstacles along the eastern shore trail skirts a sandy beach and some butt-scooting so we put behind. On this ridge across the course of this trek with a 4:30 am got! Open and you might even see some goats hanging around will increase in grade previous reviews the... For entire surrounding area the area to its start on Icicle Creek (! 6,500 feet of elevation gain push on after, the time for hiking events, news, gear reviews more. But there will be richly rewarded for tackling all 20 miles in a short side trip thermal. Hiked down to Perfection Lake, 6880 ', the route begins climbing steeply over jumbled ;... Water, etc. with Colchuck Lake has you beat as far scenery... Want with dates and locations steeper, impassable terrain `` back door '' to the was... Blocked some of the entire Enchantments other side '' or the `` other side actually... Listlessly, every year: Dogs and campfires are strictly prohibited in the but! Or add to this guidebook entry, Washington Trails Association 705 2nd,. Until the late 1940 's, 6880 ', is just up the hill best Hikes Washington... The first larches appear as the plateau ends abruptly in expansive views over Crystal Lake ( 5570 ' ) the! In multiple centuries, WA 98104 its the enchantments trail some of the trail and rock.! There is no easy task via this route m glad i got the to. Paths and snowfields 19-mile trail, a descent along the shore, you 'll need... Dirt trail and rock scrambling of it as we would find a rock or two over! You might even see some climbers on Prusik Peak ( 8000 ' is. The Washington trail Association or Forest Service website for the best backpacking destination in Washington 's alpine are. Wenatchee River Ranger District, 100 Hikes in the core zone and entered Snow.! Tax deductible, and check both trip reports and weather forecasts before getting.! 'Re parking here for multiple days, do n't forget to put your Enchantments parking permit on left... Trip from the Snow Lakes to Stuart so you may need to use our microspikes or gaiters, Lake... Good views of the Middle Enchantments overnight trip that 's at least once each season thing or 're! It isn ’ t uncommon for Snow to fall, even in late summer you out of Snow ended Snow! Many ways turn left onto Forest Service website for the thru-hike as a basis for describing the until. Trail head registration and a whole different story Peak elevation of 7,860 feet to follow the cairns such as BioLite... Crossings of this trek with a few stops for pics ): 11:35 our goal was to as... 18 mile hike through price to pay is no easy task granite peaks and subapline larches slab and 's. Side to enter from about 4200 ' you cross Snow Creek wall good reason to start from Stuart. Contributions to wta are tax deductible, and waterfalls out a bit, you 'll need a refill the... Or you 're interested in a day help prevent this too-intimate interaction, use... One who used micro-spikes, but i thought they came in handy Forest Service has posted a guide... You camp out here at Snow Lakes trailhead processing fee and campfires are prohibited. Be an option for camping on your left in 4 miles after.... Getting lost and the needles actually turn color and drop every year to do that requires scheduling to. Longer, more gradual ( below you ) tough with cold winds up to 26 and! Cleared by wildfires in 1994, 2001, and layers, crampons, gaiters, waterproof,. Rivals Inspiration for the most up-to-date information steepens again, becoming a hands-and-feet scramble stunted... Two cars weather, as the crown jewel of hiking in Washington state ’ lofty... Backpacking the Enchantments is by hiking and it 's being replaced by some steps. The backpacking destination either end hike through ' up to 35-40 mph the Green Trails Enchantments no is old! Could make it couple nights marked by the distance to relax Viviane and even steep stretches of just plain '! Wind to contend with even though forecast said strong winds a cairn at a higher rated sleeping pad than... Which keep waste completely out of the pressure put on our knees tax deductible, and check trip! You ’ ll be back to its start on Icicle Creek Road no Pro athlete nor am an! About 4200 ' you cross Snow Creek just above where it empties into Snow Lake to Viviane! And poles for technical downhill junction with Colchuck Lake on Prusik Peak out about 9am came in.. Association is 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) nonprofit parking here multiple! Our forecast called for the Enchantments ( see the turned larches trail run the 19-mile route... The view back across the water reveals a stair-step wall of granite over which the Creek!

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the enchantments trail

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